Setup a home server using a Raspberry Pi.

Description 💡

Self-hosting has been always something I would love to have and now it is posible with Docker on a Rpi. You can host multiple applications using docker containers. All files are served through NGINX, which runs in a wonderful docker container that is used as a reverse proxy with other private access services that are also runinng on the Raspberry: ( Nextcloud, Portainer, Homer, Pi-hole, qBittorrent, Jackett…).

This project was developed in October 2021.

Live Demo | Repo

Getting Started

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  • Prerequisites, libraries, OS version, etc., needed before installing program.
  • ex. Raspberry Pi 4 or another server.


  • How/where to download your program
  • Any modifications needed to be made to files/folders

Executing program

  • How to run the program
  • Step-by-step bullets
code blocks for commands


Any advise for common problems or issues.

command to run if program contains helper info

License 📜

Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.

Acknowledgments 📚

Curated list of valuable resources deserving recognition.


Inspiration, code snippets, etc.