This repo is part of a Platzi course called: “Curso de CSS Grid Básico ”.

I had the oportunity to learn how to create dynamic layouts with CSS Grid! Apply complex layouts to my own website with just a few lines of CSS code. As well as built grids to distribute the containers and HTML elements quickly.

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This class is built using Cascading Style Sheets(CSS).


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This course is part of a Platzi Challenge I participated on. In which for two months, I got the oportunity to join 24 live meeting and multiple classes with the only purpose of creating a Web Portaflio.

Here are some of the projects that have been developed in 2022.

Final Project | Challenge 1 | Challenge 2 | Challenge 3 | propiedadesAlineacion | propiedadesContenedor | propiedadesUbicacion | keywordsEspeciales | funcionesEspeciales

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Resources list that I find helpful and would like to give credit to.