This repo is part of a Platzi course called: “Curso Práctico de HTML y CSS”. Now that I completed the HTML and CSS Definitive Course and I refreshed my knowledge on HTML and CSS. I am ready for this practical course. Creating pages using what I had learned on the other class. I also reinforce concepts such as positioning, box model, Display types, selectors such as classes, IDS, Flexbox and Grid.

Challenge 🎲

I developed some projects but the most challenging was to clone the Google page.

Built With 🔑

This class is based on Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS).


Content 🚦

This course is part of a Platzi Challenge I participated on. In which for two months, I got the oportunity to join 24 live meeting and multiple classes with the only purpose of creating a Web Portaflio.

Google Clone

Projects 🚀

Acknowledgments 📚

Resources list that I find helpful and would like to give credit to.